arsenic trihydride

arsenic trihydride
мышьяковистый водород

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  • arsenic trihydride — noun The compound arsine …   Wiktionary

  • Arsenic — (pronEng|ˈɑrsənɪk) is a chemical element that has the symbol As and atomic number of 33. Arsenic was first documented by Albertus Magnus in 1250cite book |last=Emsley |first=John |title=Nature s Building Blocks: An A Z Guide to the Elements |year …   Wikipedia

  • Arsenic — A metallic element that forms a number of poisonous compounds, arsenic is found in nature at low levels mostly in compounds with oxygen, chlorine, and sulfur. These are called inorganic arsenic compounds. Arsenic in plants and animals combines… …   Medical dictionary

  • Arsine — Arsine …   Wikipedia

  • arsine — noun a) A compound of arsenic and hydrogen, AsH, a colorless and exceedingly poisonous gas, having an odor like garlic. b) Any organic derivative of this compound, or of diarsane, triarsane etc …   Wiktionary

  • arsine — n. Chem. arsenic trihydride, a colourless poisonous gas smelling slightly of garlic. Etymology: ARSENIC after amine …   Useful english dictionary

  • arsine — A cell and blood poison, many organic derivatives of which have been used in chemical warfare. SYN: arsenic trihydride, arseniureted hydrogen, arsenous hydride. * * * ar·sine är sēn, är . n a colorless flammable extremely poisonous gas AsH3 with… …   Medical dictionary

  • Stibine — Chembox new Name = Stibine ImageFile = Stibine.png ImageName = Stibine ImageFile1 = Stibine 3D vdW.png ImageName1 = Stibine OtherNames = Antimony trihydride stibane Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 7803 52 3 Section2 = Chembox Properties… …   Wikipedia

  • Hydrogen — This article is about the chemistry of hydrogen. For the physics of atomic hydrogen, see Hydrogen atom. For other meanings, see Hydrogen (disambiguation). ← hydrogen → helium …   Wikipedia

  • Bismuthine — Chembox new ImageFileL1 = Bismuthine.png ImageSizeL1 = 130px ImageFileR1 = Bismuthine 3D sticks.png ImageSize = IUPACName = bismuthane OtherNames = bismuth trihydride hydrogen bismuthide Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 18288 22 7 PubChem …   Wikipedia

  • Compounds of berkelium — Berkelium(IV) oxide Berkelium forms a number of chemical compounds where it normally exists in an oxidation state of +3 or +4 and behaves similarly to its lanthanide analogue, terbium. Contents …   Wikipedia

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